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Increase Calls and Patients for your Practice with 1-866-Dentist

Increase Calls and Patients for your Practice with 1-866-Dentist

Use an easy to remember vanity toll free number, and increase inbound calls and patients to your practice.

How it Works –

  • When you sign up for 866-Dentist, choose and pay for only the State(s) your practice is located in.
  • Instant routing makes it quick and easy to get started.
  • Place the 866-Dentist number in any/all advertising to increase inbound calls.
  • Track your calls with Online Call Management – Call tracking, missed calls, real-time routing, and more.

866-Dentist Benefits –

  • Make your phone number stand out! Vanity numbers are easier to remember and increase inbound calls by 25% or more.
  • Get an edge on the competition with a premium vanity number.
  • Toll Free Numbers add instant trust and validity.

About Dial800 –
An experienced leader in Call Marketing Performance for over 28 years, offering:

  • Best Memorable Toll Free Numbers in the Industry
  • All-in-one call management platform
  • Valuable Call Center partnerships across the U.S.
  • Call Tracking Software for both offline and online campaigns
  • Real-Time Call Routing based on location, talk-time, performance, and more
  • Data Integration for complete call performance analytics
  • Toll-Free inbound Carrier services for best inbound call rates

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