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At the heart of Dial800 are the agencies we partner with. We work alongside agencies of every kind, bringing an effective call marketing solution for your client call performance.

Customizable campaign dashboards, as well as real-time and automated reporting features make managing your clients’ call performance straightforward.  Visual graphs allow you to collect campaign data producing accurate calculations of cost per campaign, calls, leads and ultimately your ROI. Analytics that go beyond basic demographics to inform ad response, specific location of callers, the timing of calls and extracted information related to age, income, marital status, children, home value etc… Your clients will be able to leverage the call data to close sales; while recordings, transcription and voice analytics confirm the effectiveness of sales strategies.

Some of our agency partners:

Media Partners Direct Results   DX Media Direct Digitas Havas Media

Key Agency Partner Features:
  • Flexible Agency Accounts
  • Online & Offline Call Tracking Attribution
  • KPI Customizable Dashboards
  • Customizable Records
  • Open API for complete data integration



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