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Do you need a hotline for hiring, employees, healthcare or customers? Let us help!

Hotline Toll Free Numbers & Service

Dial800 Toll Free Hotlines & Phone ServicesDial800 provides quick and easy service and support to get new inbound hotlines in place. Whether you need to quickly hire a large group of people, provide an emergency HR employee line, offer Telehealth services or expand customer care, we’re available to help. As an enterprise level toll free number carrier and routing provider, Dial800 supports thousands of inbound phone lines with simple to complex routing requirements as well as automated response and call handling to successfully route and manage a high volume of calls.

Easy to Remember Number Options Include:

888-447-HIRE 888-WORKING
888-272-WORK 800-JOB-FAIR
800-501-CARE 800-600-SICK

Thousands of other easy to remember toll free numbers to choose from!

Set up a new inbound hotline for:

  • Healthcare – Telehealth
  • COVID-19 Specific Hotlines
  • HR Hiring and Employee Hotlines
  • Tracking New Marketing Campaigns

If your organization is looking to create a hotline – whether live or automated, Dial800 can help quickly implement a hotline solution to meet your needs.

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