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Best Vanity Numbers for Your Law Firm

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Law Firms Know That
Numbers Matter

Law firms who implement “repeaters” (i.e. 800-444-4040) or “hybrid” numbers (800-855-HURT or 800-424-PAIN) find that these generate high responses, particularly those aired over TV commercials or radio.

In fact, studies have shown that firms who use hybrid numbers such as 800-28-LEGAL can deliver 25%-69% more inbound leads. The easier the memorable number, the more likely new clients will call.

Top Legal Vanity Numbers from Dial800

Find your law firm’s best vanity number from our huge inventory of vanity and premium 800 numbers, including:

1-800-88-LAWYER 1-800-LAW-9300
1-800-88-JUSTICE 1-800-WIN-7777
1-800-88-LEGAL 1-800-330-HURT

I have been a client of Dial800 for five years and I am very satisfied with the great 800 numbers and call tracking services that they provide. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to others in the legal industry.
– David Kufeld, Weitz & Luxenberg

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