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Legal Industry Vanity Numbers

Law Firms Know Numbers Matter

Law firms who implement “repeaters” (i.e. 800-444-4040) or “hybrid” numbers (800-855-HURT or 800-424-PAIN) find that these generate high responses, particularly those aired over TV commercials or radio.

In fact, studies have shown that firms who use hybrid numbers such as 800-28-LEGAL can deliver 25%-69% more inbound leads. The easier the memorable number, the more likely new clients will call.

1-800-88-LAWYER 1-800-LAW-9300
1-800-88-JUSTICE 1-800-WIN-7777
1-800-88-LEGAL 1-800-330-HURT

I have been a client of Dial800 for five years and I am very satisfied with the great 800 numbers and call tracking services that they provide. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to others in the legal industry.
– David Kufeld, Weitz & Luxenberg

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