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QR Codes were the hot topic of PDMI – Have you begun using QR codes in your advertising campaigns? Are you pushing for call conversions for live leads? Are you driving to websites and have dynamic tracking numbers to attribute to which connected tv ad generated your calls?  Chat with the DIal800 account management team on new approaches to your QR code advertising strategy.

We enjoyed seeing you at PDMI West 2022 – thank you to all the clients who stopped by for meetings or just to say hello, and welcome to all the new companies we met!

From our powerful call tracking and AI analytics tools, campaign tracking with DNI, and new expanded business features, we’re here to help your business make every customer interaction count.

One exciting way to reach customers? The use of QR codes

Maximize Leads with Dial800 Call Tracking and AnalyticsJust by scanning a QR code with their phone, you make it easier for customers and leads to get your information and reach out. QR codes are flexible, easy to create, and used in any place you can think of:

  • On direct response advertising, such as connected TV, Youtube, infomercials and more
  • On Mailers, flyers, videos, or ads – anywhere you want an interactive link to your landing pages
  • On consumer products to take your customers to setup guides, how-to videos, or registration
  • On business cards to automatically import your contact information when scanned
  • On paper forms to take users to an online version
  • At kiosks, in-store displays, event booths, and welcome desks to distribute key information
  • And much more

As the leader in tracking direct response campaigns, Dial800 tracks and reports your advertising results at scale to provide custom reporting, integrate conversion results in real-time for complete ROI, and delivers call center performance analytics – all backed by our dedicated account managers and support team, here to help your business succeed.

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