CallView360® Call Tracking

CallView360® by Dial800 is an incredibly powerful yet easy to use call tracking solution that allows you to quickly understand your call patterns so that you can optimize your marketing and your results. Instantly determine your real call volumes, view buyer demographics and listen to any call recording with one click.

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Simply, the most powerful

CallView360® is the most powerful, most comprehensive call tracking and analytics platform on the market. Our tools were built by marketers for marketers, so it's not just a technology solution, it's a business solution. Our highly customizable yet very intuitive dashboard allows you to customize your data view so you see exactly what you want. Built in alerts send this information to you automatically based on caller criteria, and dynamic number tagging allows you to setup your data sets to serve you, so you spend more time making better business decisions and less time crunching numbers.

Built For Speed

Get all your data in real time with CallView360®. There is no wait time or sync time with CallView360® call tracking. You can always view your most relevant data at any time, directly off the switch, with easily customizable views that get you the data you need immediately. In addition, all CallView360® data is easily exportable via our open APIs so you can merge your call tracking data with your other toolkits to get a truly unified view.

Concierge Service

With Dial800 you get more than Software. You get a named Concierge who is 100% committed to your business success. Your Concierge is available to assist with setup, analysis, routing, troubleshooting and the specific use and application of call tracking. Call routing and 800 numbers to ensure you win. Every concierge is named and assigned to a specific account, so you don't have to wonder who you are going to reach when you need assistance.  Best of all, concierge service is unique to Dial800 customers and comes at no extra cost. That's because we know that when you succeed, we succeed.

AccuRoute® Call Routing

Call routing helps you increase your close rate by making sure callers speak to the right people at the right time. You can route your calls based on time, location, capacity, skills, and many other rules. By routing your call to the appropriate agent or call center, you are ensuring a better experience for the caller and increasing your chance of a sale. In addition, you have complete control over everything via our AccuRoute® interface.

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Reward Your Agents

You can reward your best agents or call centers by using call routing to provide them more calls. Use call routing as an incentive in your business strategy.

Ways to Route

Route based on location, time of day, day of week, caller ID, and more. Use call routing as a way to ensure a consumer gets the best experience possible and close more sales with call routing.

99.99% Uptime

Our systems are implemented across multiple locations throughout the country and our data is synchronized 24/7 with automated fail-over, resulting in virtually no down-time. Because your business demands nothing less.

RapidRecall® 800 Numbers

RapidRecall® 800 numbers, which are exclusive to Dial800, are easy to remember and have a significant impact on your business. Our toll free 800 numbers will increase leads and sales by 25% or more for you. Utilizing the right 800 numbers is an essential tool in any marketing campaign so that you can increase consumer recall, which means more calls and more sales. Dial800 has the largest library of repeating 800 numbers, vanity phone numbers, and hybrid phone numbers of any call tracking or routing provider, and our numbers are limited only by your imagination. Trust the Dial800 experts to work with you on determining the best 800 number for your business.

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Vanity Numbers

Brand your business with a Vanity Number. Vanity Numbers are easy to remember, establish credibility and differentiate you from competitors. Become an industry leader and grow your brand with a Vanity Number from Dial800.


Repeater Numbers

Repeater Numbers are powerful numbers that are easy to say, easy to remember, and will increase your call volume. Increase consumer recall of your 800 number and keep your phone ringing with a repeater number from Dial800.

E.g: 800-700-1987

Hybrid Numbers

Combine the benefits of a repeater and a vanity number to get a hybrid 800 number. These numbers have a word and number based component and can come in sets for attribution and trackability. Become an industry leader and increase your response and ROI with a Hybrid Number from Dial800.

E.g: 800-799-GROW

RoundTrip data integration

Understanding the result of calls that come into your business is essential in making marketing and sales decisions and determining campaign efficacy. With RoundTrip data integration you can easily compare data from multiple call centers or automated sales destinations. This allows you to quickly and easily make apples-to-apples comparisons and understand your marketing ROI. Make the best decisions with your marketing budget by combining call tracking, call routing, and RoundTrip data integration from Dial800.


Unfiltered, Unedited Data

When data comes from different sources, it usually comes with different descriptions and often is filtered before you see it, which means you aren't seeing the whole picture. At Dial800, we believe you should be in control of what you see and what you don't. As such, 100% of all call records are accounted for, and all call center data is normalized to a simple set of labels so that you can understand the disposition of each call. In addition, you control the filtering, ensuring that you are making decisions based on the whole picture, not fragments. That means better decisions, and better results for your business.

Comparative Analysis

Compare metrics from different agents, call centers, and mediums in one easy to understand graph where terms are consistent, dispositions are consistent, and data is intact. Sales data for all of your inbound callers is available for viewing in CallView360, and all data is exportable to the media buying tool of your choice so that your results can be matched with your media with one simple, single feed.

Easy Integration

You need to spend time making business decisions, not wrestling technology. Our RoundTrip integrations are the simplest in the industry, and are designed to get you up and running quickly. We can export to any media buying tool and have push button integration with CoreMedia, so at the push of a button your data is instantly set up, right out of the box.