RapidRecall® Toll Free 800 Numbers

Dial800 has the industry’s largest bank of memorable toll free 800 numbers. We call our bank of 800 numbers “RapidRecall®” because they are easy to remember, making them more powerful for you and the best option for your business.

Our 800 numbers, which increase leads or sales by 25% or more, are a proven way to grow your business. There are many different options for your marketing 800 number, including vanity numbers, repeater numbers, and hybrid numbers. If you are engaged in any marketing or advertising, getting the best 800 number is an essential tool to maximize your return on investment.

Consumers give me constant feedback that it is very easy to remember (1-800-FREEEEE) and that is critical.

Larry, CEO
Sit N Sleep

7 Strengths of RapidRecall® 800 Numbers

When our clients use RapidRecall® 800 numbers, they have seen 25% or more increase in calls to their company! This is because RapidRecall® toll free 800 numbers increase audience recall and reduce misdials. This helps you not only get more sales, but increase your brand awareness and grow your business. The experts at Dial800 will ensure that you are using the right number based on your business needs.

An 800 number is an essential contact point for your company, and the right RapidRecall® 800 number associated with your company reinforces your advertising, value proposition and differentiation all at once. Furthermore, an 800 number is critical for radio advertisements, television commercials and even online marketing efforts. Make sure that your consumers can easily remember and identify a phone number with your brand!

A vanity 800 number is a phone number that spells out a specific word and can differentiate you from your competitors while establishing you as an industry leader. An 800 vanity number is easy to remember, will increase consumer recall, and will help grow your brand. When choosing an 800 vanity number, the options are limitless – you can choose your company name, your message, a product offering, or even a special you are promoting. Dial800 can help you brainstorm different options and find the right vanity phone number that is best for you!

A repeater 800 phone number is where some or all of the digits are repeated or combined in highly memorable patterns. Because of this, repeater numbers are extremely easy for consumers to recall. Repeater 800 numbers are simple to say and a great addition to any marketing campaign. Dial800 has over 24 years of experience and has created a proprietary algorithm to determine the memorability of any number based on criteria, not guesswork. This allows us to work with you to select the perfect RapidRecall® repeater 800 number that will work with your business.

Part Number. Part Word. All Value! Combining a vanity 1-800 number with a repeater number is a very effective way to make a lasting impression on your audience and increase consumer recall. Having an 800 number that is part repeater, part vanity is easy to remember, is simple to say, and will increase your sales volume! The combination of hybrid 800 numbers is countless and our experts at Dial800 can help you choose the best number to represent your company.

While we always recommend an 800 number wherever possible, Dial800 has many different prefixes available including (800), (888), (877), (866), and (855). Our experts will work with you and your needs to ensure that you receive the toll free phone number you most desire and that will be most effective for your business.

At Dial800, our RapidRecall® phone numbers are limited only by your imagination. When combining different prefixes, repeaters, and vanity options, the Dial800 team will be able to find a number that perfectly fits your business. An 800 number that fits your brand, identity and marketing needs will increase leads to your business, which means better ROI for your Marketing dollar.

Supercharge Your Marketing On Any Medium

  • Radio

  • TV

  • Internet

  • Print

Jenny Craig selected Dial 800 because they had a great selection of numbers.

Mary, Director of Media & Analysis
Jenny Craig

How to Use 800 Numbers

800 numbers increase your response regardless of the medium. Place our 800 numbers in TV ads, radio ads, print ads, billboard ads, on the web – anywhere you need customers to reach you.

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Benefits of 800 Phone Numbers

800 Numbers are the “dot com” of the toll free prefix world. They were the first, and they are the most memorable in general. You can further increase memorability with the use of a RapidRecall® repeater, hybrid or vanity number. Case studies prove that the wrong number can drive business to your competitors or unwanted destinations, while the right 800 numbers can increase your response by 25% or more!

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