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Call Routing is both a science and art – of directing calls to the best suited locations. Call routing is not just a technology; it’s a commitment to campaign success, and Dial800 backs it up with our knowledge and experience. We understand your business needs and create the right profile that optimizes your campaign conversions.

AccuRoute® intelligent call routing software allows you to easily route calls with complete control. Now you can implement custom solutions for all of your call routing needs, maximizing your ROI as well as your customer satisfaction. Create as many routing profiles as you need and make key routing definitions with just a few mouse clicks. Take control of your call flow and prevent hang ups by routing to operators that are available to handle your customers’ needs. Discover the features that make AccRoute® the best enterprise choice.

FAQ on how call routing works

11 Features of Our Call Routing You’ll Love

Our robust AccuRoute® engine is the heart of our routing. Spread across multiple geographically disparate servers, the platform is not only robust; it ensures your calls are routed correctly and consistently. We can route calls by any time of day, week, geographic location, number specifics, agent availability, and many other parameters. By being able to set custom parameters, we give our clients control. And, for the ultimate service experience, our concierge team manages every detail in the process from setup to daily optimization and reporting.

Route calls to different destinations based on the time of day or day of week. Ensure that the best person is available or that a live agent is always available. This logic can be applied to all calls, or just to calls that go to specific destinations, ensuring maximum flexibility.

AccuRoute® gives you complete control of your inbound call traffic, removing all the unnecessary complexity, and our self-service interface puts you in complete control of your call routing. Use a wide array of customized routing rules to define how your calls will be routed. Group these rules to create simple to intricate routing profiles that connect your calls in the way that best serves your specific business needs. Safely log in from anywhere, and at any time, to manage a wide array of routing features.

AccuRoute® call routing rules can be influenced by your other software applications via our open API. Solve complex routing needs such as call distribution based on external database queries, advanced reporting, or data integration with CRM applications, all without lifting a finger. Our technology experts will work with you ensure you are able to read, record, and send commands directly to our engine, giving you complete control!

Does your incoming call traffic need to be directed to two or more distinct places, such as different store locations, sales reps, or call centers? Use uniform call distribution to route calls to different locations in a round-robin fashion or percentage allocation to route a distinct percentage of calls to each location, with real time controls for allocation changes. Ensure that your calls are handled by your best reps first, or that everyone has a chance of getting that call and distribute your volume for maximum effect.

Seamlessly determine where the next call should be connected to using criteria such as caller’s phone type, geographic location, time of day/day of week, first time/repeat caller and call volume.

AccuRoute call routing gives you full control of where your calls are going. Perform live updates of the Ring-to Numbers assigned to one or many of the toll-free numbers used in your campaigns, simply and quickly. Send calls to the locations that bring your campaign maximum value.

Route calls to different target phone numbers or physical locations based on your choice of geographic criteria such as area code, zip code or NPA-NXX (area code plus 3 digit prefix).

Powerful call routing involves decision based intelligence, and with AccuRoute® Individual targets can be protected from undesirable calls based on a variety of factors including: user-specified maximum call counts, maximum concurrent call counts, pre-selected, state-based ANI, cell phone versus land-line usage and more. With speed codes and an ordinary phone line, targets can easily redirect calls to more appropriate locations. Automated re-direction can send calls to alternative targets when they’re not answered within a user-specified number of rings, or if the target’s line is already in use.

Fully customizable menus recorded by the client’s choice of voice talent—male or female; amateur or professional—allow you to greet callers with a message designed to meet each unique situation. Messages can also be designed for the period of a call transfer, recorded specifically for each target number. Our IVR can receive caller feedback, expediting the call and the sales process that follows. Menus can also be rendered interactive to caller-entered digits, recording user selections while routing calls appropriately. In conjunction, these applications allow for interactive information lines, order processing and sales of controlled inventory such as tickets, for which dedicated voicemail boxes can record caller names, addresses and order information, all appended for easy user playback.

Whenever your prospect or client needs a greeting, or is transferred, you have the power and flexibility of recording a custom message that is played at the appropriate time in their routing profile. These messages can be easily managed via our AccuRoute® self-service interface and changed as desired, providing the ultimate customized user experience.

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How to Use Call Routing

Call Routing directs a call based on different rules or instructions. Rather than routing an incoming call to a single number, or to a general group hoping that someone will answer, Dial800 call routing software uses rules and instructions to make sure that the call is routed to the right place at the right time to increase your close rate and sales.

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Benefits of Call Routing

Call Routing allows you to make the most of your incoming calls and maximize sales. Route calls based on your company’s business hours, automatically transfer callers to the nearest store, prequalify leads or ensure that calls are always getting handled by the best call center. Intelligent call routing services can:

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