Key Features

RapidRecall® Toll Free Numbers

Bulk tracking toll free numbers for your next marketing or advertising campaign. Choose each number or have them auto-provisioned to your account.

Memorable Toll Free Numbers

The right number can have a big impact on the success of your next campaign’s response.  Studies have shown when using repeating digits or other memorable number strings in toll free numbers, can positively influence call volume.

Vanity & Hybrid Numbers

Vanity and hybrid numbers are perfect for branding your business, helping you stand out, and add trust and validity to your company.

Every Prefix & Local Numbers Available

800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 & 833 prefix toll free numbers, along with local tracking numbers are available in the Dial800 number inventory.


Why true 800 toll free numbers matter

Using true 800 toll free numbers for your branding, call conversion optimization and marketing attribution can increase leads and sales by 25% of more.  Dial800 focuses on providing large inventories of 800 prefix toll free numbers, search our inventory, then choose your call tracking plan online.

Download Quick Guide: How to choose a 1-800 number people will remember


800 toll free numbers

Dial800 Call Calculator

The online call calculator gives you an instant insight into how you can increase calls, sales and revenue by switching to memorable 800 numbers.  Try the Call Calculator now

Largest 800 Number Database

Dial800 offers one of the largest 800 toll free number inventories available with thousands to choose from. Get your toll free numbers from our 800 number search or let us help!  Call the Dial800 team at (800) 700-1987.

Why you Need Dial800 Toll Free Numbers

  • Grow Your Brand
    A highly memorable 800 number ensures that your customers easily remember and identify a phone number with your brand.
  • Be Memorable
    More Memorable = More Calls
    Dial800 has the industry’s largest inventory of highly memorable 800 numbers proven to generate 25% or more phone calls
  • Track Your Performance
    Track your marketing efforts with CallView360®. Our highly memorable toll free numbers come with tracking built right in.  Choose the best plan for your business.

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