Key Features

Call Details

It’s all in the details with Dial800, providing you with hundreds of call data points, the core of which are your call records that store and display Caller ID, Talk Time, Call Connection Status, Dialed Toll Free Number and Target Number.

Caller Demographics

Understand your target audience and buyer with additional caller intel, such as income, education, marital status and more.

Voice Analytics

Dial800 offers a specialized set of conversational analytic features that inspect and report on the content of your calls for deeper insights and campaign optimization.  View our Voice Analytics features list.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Call tracking for your digital marketing!  Get instant lead source attribution of organic, PPC, referral/affiliate, social and direct lead source.  Get key data points such as channel, landing page, exit page, campaign, keyword and more. Learn more

Customizable Tagging

Dial800’s static and dynamic tagging allows you to label and track all of your tracking numbers. From automatic web tags and routing results to call campaigns, recipients and more. Assign virtually any data point to track on your calls.

Customizable Alerts

Create automatic notifications on your call tracking.  Whether it’s threshold notifications, campaign alerts, connection statuses, you’ll get instant notification for real-time response and management.

Automated Reporting

Customize your call analytics reports, then assign an automated schedule and recipient list for recurring delivery.

Exportable Data

Available on all CallView360 dashboards – Send your report results anytime via CSV file to email recipient(s).

100+ Pre-Programmed KPI’s

Take advantage of the most commonly used call tracking reports that are pre-defined and available to implement into unlimited dashboard views.

Open API Framework

API’s are meant to be flexible to utilize your data wherever you choose.  With Dial800 open API, you can bring in data from any external software and systems, as well as deliver your calls and call data to any destination.  Learn more about our call data integrations.


Call Tracking for Complete Marketing Attribution

Using call tracking for your marketing gives a complete picture of your marketing ROI and provides deeper insights into the highly qualified and valuable inbound calls coming into your business.

  • Track your calls from digital and offline media
  • Improve Media Spend ROI by tracking all leads generated
  • View, schedule and share campaign results with your team and decision-makers

Call Tracking for Inbound and Outbound

Did you know that Dial800 recently upgraded our platform to include complete call tracking for both inbound and outbound calls to and from your business?   Every call is important to the overall success of your business and now you can track and analyze all of your calls within the Dial800 platform.  Learn more about outbound call tracking.

Connect and Understand Your Customers

Call tracking and analytics benefits your marketing campaign data that can help you increase leads, lead conversions and improve customer satisfaction. Dial800 gives you helpful intel into your customers’ interests, intent levels and call success ratings.  All of this call tracking and analytics is designed to give you valuable data points to help you optimize and improve your business.

3 Call Tracking Plans to Choose From

  • Basic Plan -
    Get started quickly & easily with the Basic plan that comes with 1,000 minutes and 2 included tracking numbers and all of the core Dial800 call tracking features. See Plan Details
  • Pro Plan -
    The Dial800 Pro call tracking subscription plan provides 5,000 minutes, 10 tracking numbers and our DNI - Dynamic number insertion for digital marketing attribution. See Plan Details
  • Enterprise Plan -
    The enterprise plan is designed to meet the marketing needs of your high volume campaign call tracking.  You'll get 12,500 minutes, 15 tracking numbers,  sub-account access for agency level management and a dedicated manager to help you optimize your call tracking performance to the fullest. See Plan Details    

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