call tracking analytics with callview360

Call Tracking Software

CallView360® gives you the complete conversion tracking you need for your digital and direct response marketing.

Easy Analytics

It’s easy to analyze your call data with Dial800’s built-in analytics tools! Our software automatically gathers a wide range of data (hundreds of potential data points for every call) that you can filter and report in several ways.

This understanding leads to better customer service, increased customer loyalty, and more informed business decisions based on real data.

How can you analyze data with Dial800?

  • Speech analytics using our Voice Tagging AI tool
  • Keyword tagging, also using the Voice Tagging AI
  • Caller sentiment rating with five categories to rank, from Bad to Great
  • Call scoring, on a scale from 0 to 100

call tracking data points

Built-in Tracking & Analytics

These analytics tools, combined with CallView360®’s built-in call tracking and custom reporting options, help you quickly review even large amounts of call records by highlighting the most important calls and data points.