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Just poll with it: Political surveying by Dial800 branch lauded in Wall Street Journal

Just poll with it: Political surveying by Dial800 branch lauded in Wall Street Journal

Dial800 subsidiary Reconnect Research attracted national attention last week after its groundbreaking political polling methodology was featured in the Wall Street Journal.

The article profiled the role of the Los Angeles-based marketing research firm in gathering accurate, meaningful data on this year’s candidates and political issues — and effectively overcoming longtime barriers hindering other forms of voter research.

How does it make that happen? Reconnect Research invented a process through which those who misdial telephone numbers (or reach those unavailable due to a network glitch) are asked to participate in surveys surrounding the election. Thousands of valid surveys are completed daily, thanks to the more than 5 billion misdialed, incomplete, disconnected or inbound calls made by Americans monthly, and due to the amenable respondents who participate because they’re already on the phone.

The methodology circumvents prevalent industry problems including a lack of willing survey respondents, difficulty in establishing valid sample sizes and prohibitive labor costs due to FCC regulations against outbound robo-calls.

Company case studies show Reconnect Research respondents virtually mirror the U.S. Census in terms of geography and demographics, and the robo-call rules aren’t an issue because 100 percent of its utilized calls are inbound.

Positive reports about the relatively new methodology have already been recorded by an official at Pew Research, which is analyzing the system along with research firm RTI International.

“Every new communications technology has changed the way surveys operate,” Harvard professor Stephen Ansolabehere told the WSJ. “One approach is to say all these new technologies are untrusted, they’re unproven, let’s just not trust them. And the other approach is: We’ve got to figure out how to use them, because the emergence of these new technologies is making the old ones obsolete.”

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