CallView360® Features and Benefits

Complete DNI Integration

  • Digital Call Tracking for online and offline media performance
  • Dynamic Number Display – Automatically change website contact numbers for each unique visit.
  • Keyword Attribution – Know which keyword phrase and online lead source deliver the most calls.
  • Real-time Call Performance Attribution – Reporting for both offline and online advertising performance

dial Integration

Measure All Media Performance

Built by marketers who understand your challenges, our highly customizable and easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manipulate your data view to see exactly what you want.

Alerts and updates are automatically sent to you per your instructions in whatever format you need. Continually measure your offline and online ad spend, if you’re reaching your target market and whether your sales techniques are effective.

Number tagging is included with all of the call tracking numbers in your campaign. Easily manage and realize the source of every phone call. Quickly identify the medium of a call by channel, creative, destination, agency, offer and any other desired label. Group number tags together for performance reporting for easy comparison to determine the ROI between campaign differentiators.

Data Beyond Demographics

At the heart of CallView360® is an intuitive dashboard that clarifies and simplifies the complexities of call tracking and campaign management.

Customizable menus and graphs allow you to collect campaign data, producing accurate calculations of your cost per call, cost per lead, and ROI. Analytics that go beyond basic demographics to inform ad response, specific location of callers, the timing of calls and extracted information related to age, income, marital status, children, home value, own/rent etc… Your sales staff can leverage that intelligence to close sales, while recordings allow you to hear your customer, and compare the effectiveness of sales strategies.

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Easy Analytics

Individual numbers, whole campaigns, or multiple campaigns can all be analyzed for easy review and comparison within CallView360®.

The call tracking features provide detailed demographics on each of your calls. The call tracking demographics include age, gender, income, and marital status. Customizable filters enable you to sort information by the criteria such as date and time, state, area code, sale, call center, and more. Calls can be sorted by source, destination, time of origin, duration, and every demographic imaginable. View call routing features to learn more.

Advanced Searches can be saved for future use, making reports, comparisons, and trend identification instant. In addition, alerts can automatically be sent to you via email should a call match any search criteria.

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Call Tracking Phone Records

Complete, clear records of each call are an incomparable tool for legal purposes, staff training and customer service optimization. Utilizing call recording, you’ll know what your customers really want, and also how your team is handling each concern. In addition, call recording allows marketers to conduct market research against their most important audience segment—buyers and prospects that have raised their hands! Now you can conduct consumer research with breadth and scope for a fraction of the cost of traditional focus groups that can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

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Call Tracking Open API

Do you have other systems that depend on your call records? No problem. CallView360® provides open access to APIs allowing access for other applications to analyze and compare. CallView360® and its alerts system is very flexible being able to push new call notifications in realtime to an arbitrary endpoint.

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Data Integration

Understanding call results is essential in deciding marketing spend, sales decisions, and determining camping efficacy. Dial800’s open API integrates data to and from popular business programs including Netsuite, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more! RoundTrip® ROI integration provides these seamless integrations and consolidates conversion and revenue data uniformly into a single report. The sales data is imported into CallView360, allowing easy, insightful access to the information for your analysis.

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Call Tracking

Call Tracking CallView360®

Have easy access to highly organized, understandable data that tells you exactly who your customer is and which campaigns are working most effectively.

CallView360® is a tracking and analytics software system that maximizes Dial800’s custom algorithms and analytical tools to track and record the effectiveness of your incoming calls.

Ask us today how to get 500 FREE minutes of Call Tracking with Dial800.

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Benefits Of Call Tracking Numbers

Call Tracking CallView360®

CallView360® call tracking allows you to make informed sales and marketing decisions. Know where your leads originate, and monitor how they are being managed, and see the 360° view of your business.

Track Calls to Their Source

Quickly determine the source of any call, whether offline or online – so that you can make the most informed decisions about your marketing budget. Compile data from your other programs with Dial800’s open API to quickly see your sales, customer, and marketing data in one spot. Easily identify what is driving the most business to your company with CallView360®.

Track Your ROI on Marketing Efforts

Understanding the ROI of your marketing campaigns is a necessary metric for any business. With CallView360® you can efficiently determine the ROI of all your TV, radio, print, and digital advertising channels with our flexible integrations and effectively monitor which ads are generating more sales for your business.

Effectively Train Your Employees with Call Recording

CallView360® call tracking is capable of recording your calls. Listen to the calls instantly on your easy to use dashboard. Call recording provides invaluable insight to train employees, maximize skill sets, and ensures that every customer call is successful.

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