How RingSquared Voice Works with Your Dial800 Account

1. Request a demo to learn which plan is right for you

The Dial800 team will connect and review your business voice needs to recommend either the RingSquared Business Basic or the Business UCaaS option (see details). We’ll review your call routing needs to route your Dial800 number directly to your new Business Voice account.

2. Review your RingSquared order

Whether you’re switching from another business phone service or just adding on easy inbound/outbound calling with the Business Basic App, you’ll receive an order summary to ensure we have all the details just right for your new RingSquared Business Voice service.

3. Receive your login and start calling!

You’ll receive a confirmation email with user login(s) and a quick start guide once your new UCaaS service is ready. Download the RingSquared desktop and mobile app to login. Once you’ve logged in, call your Dial800 number and test the call flow – you’ll quickly see your RingSquared app ring for you to answer the call. Start making outbound calls right away and connect with your team members with video calls and messaging!

Get Started and fill out the Request Demo form! The Dial800 – RingSquared sales team is always available at 1-800-51-VOICE to answer any questions you may have!

Choose Your RingSquared Plan

Business Basic AppEasy to use - install on any device and instantly start making and taking your Dial800 calls with RingSquared


for 5+ seats or $14.95 for 1 seat!

Schedule a call with our team to get started today with RingSquared Voice for Dial800!

  • Voice - Video - Messaging UCaaS App for mobile and desktop
  • Connects through the Dial800 platform for inbound & outbound calls
  • Digital voicemail with email delivery
  • 1 new local DID number

Business UCaaSSwitch to the RingSquared UCaaS for streamlined phone system management


for 5+ seats or $19.95 for 1 seat!

Schedule a call with our team to learn more about stacking RingSquared UCaaS with your Dial800 account!

  • Voice - video - Messaging UCaaS solution to connect your teams from any location and any device
  • 1 premium auto attendant *promo feature
  • 1 multi-line hunt group *promo feature
  • 1 new local DID number
  • Enhanced VoIP features and more!

About RingSquared

Dial800 is part of the RingSquared Voice and Data family of brands

At RingSquared, we’re not your typical telecom app solution. With 30 years of telecommunications industry experience, we’ve mastered the art of cutting-edge voice solutions and connectivity.

RingSquared will revolutionize the way you connect and communicate! We don’t just deliver voice and data solutions; we serve them up on a state-of-the-art, future-proof, carrier-grade network.

Not just another voice software app, we prioritize that your calls are connected consistently and reliably, and with crystal clear quality.

RingSquared transforms your business communications

There’s never a time when Account Managers and support agents aren’t available – there’s always someone there when I need them, no matter what. The high level of service separates Dial800 from everyone else.

Mike Danbury, VP of Operations & Partnerships , OpenJar Concepts

“If a client is looking to embark on performance-based direct response marketing, Dial800 should definitely be in the mix.”

Lauren Sahalon, VP of Special Projects, Snow Joe

Dial800’s routing systems have allowed us to improve the consumer order experience and aggregate campaign and call center data to identify and understand performance trends.

Leveraging the campaign-level data from Dial800’s platform provides another view into who we are reaching and how effective our campaigns are across different geographies.

Jordan Appel, Brand Manager , Cubii

With the essential tracking numbers, call routing, and caller data Dial800 provides, G4 will continue to deliver powerful campaign results and higher profits for our clients.

Paul Yeafoli, Advertising Media Consultant , G4 Media

Best in class call tracking experience. I’ve been with Dial800 for 10 years, they provide excellent service, and are responsive to input. I’ve tried other call tracking companies and Dial800 is by far the best.

Buddy Vaughn, Managing Partner , DX Media Direct

We used to have multiple call tracking and analytics vendors. Wquickly realized Dial800 offered everything we needed and more.

Joshua Simington, Administrator , Door-Mart Garage Doors
Dial800 reviews

Their platform is extremely intuitive, the amount of data is excellent, and their employees are also top notch.

Nick Naylor, Co-Owner, Hearing Assist
Inbound Prospect

The recent changes Dial800 helped us make with our call routing is a game-changer. We’re now able to qualify inbound callers through automated IVR menus which has immediately reduced call center costs.

Scott Couto, CEO, Inbound Prospect

After testing Dial800 initially with a smaller account, we quickly moved on to implement Dial800 with a much larger client. To be able to have access to all of this data truly helps drive our marketing campaign decisions.

I love the interface; the UI and reporting are awesome.

Dial800’s support is extremely responsive. Whenever we have account questions or requests they’re addressed very quickly and they are always available to help quickly facilitate changes.

Eric Leimkuhler, Managing Partner, NetTheorem
Dial800 reviews
Inbound Prospect