Dial800 and Vintage Marketing Form Alliance Poised to Revolutionize Inbound Telemarketing

PRLog - July 21, 2015 - LOS ANGELES -- Dial800 and Vintage Marketing have formed a unique alliance to unleash the power of Intelligent Handshake®. Intelligent Handshake is patented technology that instantaneously qualifies each caller to a marketer's product. The advertiser’s payoff is higher dollars per call. Campaigns that have employed Intelligent Handshake have seen remarkable improvements in media efficiency ratios ranging from 19 to 58 percent. Read more [...]

What Motivates Customers to Buy?

What Motivates Customers to BuyThe business landscape is incredibly different today. Marketers have witnessed immense changes even in the last five years to decade. While some marketing channels and mediums from back in the day are still very much alive and effective, digital marketing has a greater impact on customers…and their motivation to make a purchase decision. Read more [...]

Summer is Roofing Season: Is Your Company Prepared?

It’s summer time. While summer is the season for vacations, swimming, and outdoor barbecues, it’s also roofing season. Summer is the biggest time of year for roofing installations and replacements, and even storm damage repairs.

But did you also know that each year your roofing company is unprepared to take on the peak season, you are also losing out on business? Competition today is fierce, and in order to stay in the game, you’ve got to be memorable and stick out in the minds of customers. So is your roofing company prepared for this year’s roofing season? If not, then it’s time to turn all that around.

Start with a Sign. One effective marketing technique that has proven successful for roofing companies every year is to post signs with their company name and number in customers’ yards. Since most customers will share the name and contact information of a roofing contractor with their family, friends, and neighbors, posting a sign in a customer’s yard ensures free word-of-mouth advertising.

Stand Out with a Memorable Number. So why is it so important for a roofing company to have a memorable number? How else is your roofing business going to stand out from the wave of signs in customers’ yards? Furthermore, how many roofing companies use “ROOF” in their name or vanity number? How can your company stand out from the rest?

Ramp Up with RapidRecall. Regardless of whether your roofing business relies on TV or radio advertising or online marketing or print advertising, be prepared for this summer’s roofing season by increasing inbound leads by 25% by leveraging easy-to-remember and unique toll free numbers from Dial800’s RapidRecall bank.

Dial800 has been providing banks of numbers for roofing companies for over twenty-five years. Stand out from your competition by getting started with a memorable number today. Contact the experts at Dial800 by calling (800) 700-1987 to get started.

The Interconnections Between Online and Offline Campaign Elements

Round tableThis is the second in a series of blogs dedicated to insights gleaned from the 2015 Pre-Show Intensive (PSI) panel entitled, Multiple Screens, One Objective: How to Close More Omnichannel Sales held at Response Expo and moderated by Dial800 CEO James Diorio.

Consumers increasingly exercise control over how and when they choose to interact with advertisers and their messages. In a recent Nielsen report entitled Screen Wars: The Battle for Eye Space in a TV-Everywhere World, a survey reported that nearly 6 out of 10 TV viewers globally browse the Internet while watching video programming. Naturally they are doing this on smartphones and tablets. This challenges direct marketers to adopt tactics that will ensure they are capturing their prospects and buyers as they bounce from screen-to-screen.

Read more [...]

How Marketers Can Get More Response

1989. Not solely the name of Taylor Swift’s new album, but the year it all started. In 1989, talent, prestige, and greatness were born…and we aren’t just talking about Taylor Swift, but a name that would come to mean more than 800 numbers: Dial800.

While predominately through the 90s, Dial800 was known for its bank of toll-free numbers. And while they continue to offer over 100,000 numbers in their RapidRecall bank, Dial800 has also grown in size and strength to be able to offer the unique, robust products that dominate the marketing industry today.

The Dial Difference. Over the decades, the “dial difference” has continuously worked by its three pillars: intelligent products, concierge service, and mirrored redundancy. Dial800’s solid mission, strong values, and robust products have made them an industry leader for the last twenty-five years.

Dial800 has been assisting marketers optimize their campaigns with their products:

o   Call360

o   AccuRoute

o   RapidRecall

o   RoundTrip

These products have helped marketers and businesses route their calls easily, monitor their response, analyze data, and interpret results for more informed business decision-making.

In addition to their core values and mission, Dial800 also operates by their unique thought leadership:

o   Listening to your customers.

o   Ensuring the right numbers add up to increased profitability.

o   Serving as the missing link in media testing

The “Drop Zone”. While Dial800 has maintained a clear path and clear business goals through the years, they plan to exceed even the goals they don’t know they have. By facing challenges together, they are simpler.

Dial800 was named by Inc. 5000 in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 as one of the country’s fastest growing business. By serving their community, listening to their customers, and even helping them in emergencies, Dial800 plans to continue serving their customers excellence through decades to come.

By offering transparency, reliability, and diligence, and partnering with the Dial800 team, everyone wins.

For more information on Dial800’s products and services, call (800) 700-1987 to get started in thirty seconds.