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Welcome to the “View From 13,000 Feet”. My name is James Diorio, and I am the CEO of Dial800. Being a CEO is unlike any other job in the world and, in this position, I have to draw on many resources, including my 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, 14 years as a dad, roughly a decade as a skydiver, martial arts training, leadership, athletics and… well… you get the picture.

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Best in Show – How the Legal Industry Always Wins by Using Memorable Toll Free Numbers

animal right activistThere is a certain level of professionalism and message that must be visible through marketing and advertising in the legal industry. A memorable toll free number is what makes your business stand out from the competition.

Who Are They Going to Call?

Legal firms that use a memorable toll free number can help increase sales and leads up to 25%. When a customer sees a commercial for your law firm, he or she may not need legal assistance in that exact moment. However, if he or she is then involved in a car accident or other personal injury-related accident, who are they going to call?

Law firms who implement “repeaters” (i.e. 800-444-4040) or “hybrid” numbers (800-885-HURT or 800-424-PAIN) find that these generate high responses, particularly those aired over TV commercials or radio. In fact, studies have shown that firms who use hybrid numbers such as 800-28-LEGAL can deliver 25%–69% more inbound leads. The easier the memorable number, the more likely new clients will call.

Get on the Right Track.

It’s important for law firms to track their calls across multiple media channels. This allows firms to see the area where they are driving the most business as well as analyze how to appropriately market to that particular audience.

Make it Easier.

It’s no secret that firms who use memorable toll free numbers build credibility. However, the biggest mistakes firms make is that they don’t use memorable toll free numbers in their advertising.

As mentioned above, since many firms in the legal industry rely mainly on TV and radio to broadcast advertising messages, providing a memorable toll free number can easily be recalled by any audience. Doing this will make it easier for clients to contact you.

Dial800 has many services and software that allows easier access to clients, increased manageability with phone calls, and more streamlined marketing tactics. Contact Dial800 today to find out how a memorable toll free number can make a positive impact.

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In the Media, it’s All About First Impressions

Dart IconsFirst impressions count in every activity of media. When it comes to business growth and development, sales and marketing teams must really focus on developing a brand and boosting a positive rapport and that special connection with customers.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may feel like it isn’t a holiday that is relative to building personal brand, but it is. Like a romantic or long-term relationship, building a strong and trusting relationship with your clients and customers can mean more than just closing a sale.

1. Finding that special spark. What is the key to any successful relationship? Trust and a connection. While many customers resort to social media or a website for information to contact businesses, a memorable toll free number gives customers an instant contact method as well as an opportunity to get to know your customer service team. It also shows them they can contact your business any time, ultimately building and strengthening relationships with customers.

2. It’s all about first impressions. The beginning of a great relationship has to start somewhere: a first impression or an image. For businesses, an 800 number tied to your brand speaks volumes to your customers. You want to give off a certain level of professionalism, but also show that your customers can relate any of their concerns with your company.

Think of your customer care team as the key to a second date. When customers dial your 800 number you want to handle your customer’s concerns with kindness and care not only the first time, but every time to keep coming back for more.

3. Strut your stuff. When you’re looking for a relationship, you put your best foot forward to attract another. In the world of business, your “advertising” approach is keeping customers wanting more. Advertising and marketing is what keeps your customers interested and intrigued by new products and services that your business offers. And an 800 number is a great way to seal the deal with customers, and really build that unique connection that will make them remember you.

Getting an 800 Number For Your Business

Having an 800 number not only makes business easier, but it improves customer relationships as well. An 800 number is more meaningful than just boosting sales; it is also about building a strong customer connection and forming a positive relationship with customers. A positive relationship involves trust, loyalty, and a true connection.

To learn more about 800 numbers and what kinds of ways a toll free number can benefit your business, you can contact us online or call us at (800) 700-1987 to get started today.

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How Memorable Toll Free Numbers Can Assist Lead Gen

Fish happily jumpingAs a lead marketer, it is your job to appeal to your customers in every way possible. With a memorable toll free number, your customers will not only view your business as professional and reliable, but implementing an 800 number for your business will provide you with many benefits.

- Tracking marketing efforts. Did you know that having a toll free number allows you to better track your marketing efforts? Having an 800 number will allow you to create extensions that will provide you with a way to associate each number or call with a specific campaign. Then, by executing a data analysis process, lead marketers will be able to analyze and assess data from their marketing efforts and adjust sales and marketing accordingly to expand your reach.

Technologies including CallView360 allow a lead marketer to track their calls using data analytics tracking software and understand call volume, giving you a way to respond to them appropriately.

- Increase inbound calls. Having a toll free number provides customers with an easy way to contact your business. An 800 number opens up communication channels instantly. In fact, studies have even shown that 800 numbers increase inbound response from 25% to 69%. Remember, more calls mean more sales.

Additionally, with robust call routing and call tracking tools, lead marketers can really focus in on a specific geographic area, particularly one that is responding well to specific ads. This gives lead marketers clear cut information and data to make more informed marketing and business decisions.

- Boost customer service. When customers dial your business’s 800 number, they want to be treated with kindness and respect, and they want solutions. A toll free number can be just want your business needs to boost customer satisfaction and ensure optimal customer service. Toll free numbers provide businesses opportunities to ensure calls are handled with accuracy, efficiency, and quality. Every time.

As a lead marketer, your main goals are to ensure your marketing efforts are topnotch by increasing inbound calls, which ultimately will increase sales. You will boost customer service and provide high-powered, quality solutions, which makes your business stand apart from the competition. A memorable toll free number gives your business the fuel to grow and develop.

Implementing a toll free number is easier than it seems. For more information on 800 numbers, or to get started today, contact Dial800 at (800) 700-1987.Find a memorable toll free number today in under thirty seconds.

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4 Incredibly Smart Reasons to Route Your Calls

call center icon sets with white buttonAs a business owner, every lead and client is important…even “the little guy”. And as 2015 really begins to ramp up, many businesses and marketers are putting in the extra oomph to getting that extra lead and landing that extra client.

In order to get ahead on this, businesses still need to recognize the value of phone calls, and why they are still important to business. One way to do this is to take control, and set up call routing.

1. The Right Time and Place. Call routing enables businesses to set up platforms to receive calls based on specific geographic locations. Calls can be routed to different destinations based on the time of day or week. This is a great option for businesses with multiple locations, all operating and functioning in different time zones. This enhances maximum flexibility and ensures that no calls are lost, and that your business is always available at the right time and place.

2. Ring-To Number Management. Take control of your business calls with ring-to number management. Ring-To Number Management allows businesses to really make their marketing strategies work for them by assigning memorable 800 numbers to specific campaigns. Not only is this strategy highly effective, it’s also easy to do. Send calls to the locations that bring your campaign maximum value.

3. Make Data Work for Your Business. Call routing is easy with the right technology and software. For businesses who deal with larger call distribution channels, call routing can be managed effectively with advanced reporting and data integration with CRM applications. By working with robust call routing technology and software, businesses will be able to have complete control over data, and communicate commands via platforms directly to technology agents and teams. Call routing is also safe and secure and protects businesses from losing pertinent customer data with advanced firewall configurations.

4. Personalize the User’s Experience. One key component to any business marketing strategy today is personalization and individualization. Businesses today are really honing in on the customer or user’s experience, often through customer support channels. Call routing can help businesses enhance the user’s experience. Calls can be routed based on time, location, and many other factors. By routing the right calls to the appropriate agent or call center, this ensures not only a better experience for the caller, but it also increases your business’s chance of a sale.

Even in today’s technology-driven society, calls still prove to be important to businesses. Embrace call intake and volume with call routing. Call routing provides a number of benefits to businesses. But first and foremost, it dramatically improves business customer service and support as well as increases conversion rates from leads to true revenue.

AccuRoute Call Routing with Dial800 can help make this happen. Contact a member of our customer support team to learn more about how you can take control of your business marketing and really make your memorable 800 numbers work for you.


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Why a Memorable Toll Free Number is Necessary for Customer Care

Technology customer service people
Businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries are shaping their customer experiences. Today marketing is all about personalization and individualization. How can your business customize and tailor your product or service to a customer’s needs, and even treat that customer like, well, a person?

While today’s technologically-dominant society puts the control in the user’s hands (literally), it has been proven that customers still desire that personalized attention that they can only get through a memorable toll free number for customer care.

Make it Memorable. A memorable toll free number is crucial for customers, as well as your business’s marketing. A memorable number ensures that customers can easily recall your business’s number, and even pass that number along to their family and friends, which is free networking and marketing for your business. This is just one reason why a memorable toll free number has a high return rate for businesses, because most often, when marketed properly, your business’s number will work for itself.

Real People. Giving a customer that personalized attention and service can only be accomplished with a real customer care team. Strong and dedicated customer service teams and professionals are where it’s at today in business. Recruit a solid customer care team to man your memorable toll free number lines, and really dedicate their time and efforts to giving customers with respect, compassion, and treating them like real people, all while providing them with quality solutions. Your customer care team should make your business stand apart from your competition.

Handle Calls with Care. It might seem fundamental or obvious, but each call is worth something. Customer service teams all know about those calls that are minor, insignificant, or frivolous, but this mind frame is always a mistake. Each call should be handled with the utmost compassion and care. Because a business’s memorable toll free number is such an integral part of a marketing strategy, then you can’t let callers down when they call your number only to talk to a less-than-passionate customer service representative that has better things to do with his or her time. Train your staff to be topnotch and ensure that each call is handled with care.

A memorable toll free number only gets a business so far. It might generate an increase in call volume, but your customers aren’t going to be ecstatic about walking through your door if they are let down on the other end by your customer care team. Ensure your customer service is functioning to the best of their ability and really make your memorable toll free number work for you, from beginning to end.

Dial800 offers clients a personal concierge portal for all their account needs and questions. Contact Dial800 today for more information on customer care, and how a memorable toll free number is the missing piece in your business’s marketing strategy.


The Importance of Memorable Toll Free Numbers

Hear about the importance of memorable toll free numbers to generate response by direct marketing authority Dawn DuMont-Perdew. Listen to why she only advertises using repeater (memorable) toll free numbers.

Watch here:

Dawn Dumont

The reason why memorable toll free numbers are so effective has to do with how the average consumer’s short-term memory works. People can typically recall only three to four chunks of information, so numbers with certain patterns are easier to remember and deliver significantly more response. For example, a number that ends in a date such as (800) 940-1987 is easier to recall or a number that repeats digits such as (800) 255-1515 sticks in the memory bank with greater ease based upon this principle.

You can learn more about how Dumont-Perdew has partnered with Dial800 to generate response for the Nescafe Dolce Gusto omnichannel campaign here: