Increase your leads using Call Tracking with Dynamic Number Insertion

superheroUsing a memorable toll-free number on your website is a smart way to increase leads and conversions. Now, with dynamic number insertion, call tracking can be used to pinpoint the online source of leads by toll-free number, much like marketers with dedicated toll-free numbers do on T.V. and radio. Read more [...]

Targeting Your Customers with Intelligent Handshake®

Businessmen about to shake handsIt’s all about first impressions. In fact, they say that you get a strong first impression from someone by shaking his or her hand. Handshakes vary in length and intensity, depending on the environment where you greet someone. A handshake can last for several seconds during an encounter with a long lost friend or it can be swift, yet firm, as you greet a professional peer before a meeting. Read more [...]

Increase campaign revenue while decreasing costs.

The Intelligent Handshake®  system uses a database of current consumer purchase history to score your target customers according to your offer. How does it work? When a call comes in (or is about to be outbound dialed) the phone number is sent into the IH®  system. The database instantly returns a score and directs the call based upon your unique pre-programmed criterion.