Targeting Your Customers with Intelligent Handshake®

Businessmen about to shake handsIt’s all about first impressions. In fact, they say that you get a strong first impression from someone by shaking his or her hand. Handshakes vary in length and intensity, depending on the environment where you greet someone. A handshake can last for several seconds during an encounter with a long lost friend or it can be swift, yet firm, as you greet a professional peer before a meeting. Read more [...]

Increase campaign revenue while decreasing costs.

The Intelligent Handshake®  system uses a database of current consumer purchase history to score your target customers according to your offer. How does it work? When a call comes in (or is about to be outbound dialed) the phone number is sent into the IH®  system. The database instantly returns a score and directs the call based upon your unique pre-programmed criterion.


The View from 13,000 Feet – by James Diorio, CEO

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Welcome to the “View From 13,000 Feet”. My name is James Diorio, and I am the CEO of Dial800. Being a CEO is unlike any other job in the world and, in this position, I have to draw on many resources, including my 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, 14 years as a dad, roughly a decade as a skydiver, martial arts training, leadership, athletics and… well… you get the picture.

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Best in Show – How the Legal Industry Always Wins by Using Memorable Toll Free Numbers

animal right activistThere is a certain level of professionalism and message that must be visible through marketing and advertising in the legal industry. A memorable toll free number is what makes your business stand out from the competition.

Who Are They Going to Call?

Legal firms that use a memorable toll free number can help increase sales and leads up to 25%. When a customer sees a commercial for your law firm, he or she may not need legal assistance in that exact moment. However, if he or she is then involved in a car accident or other personal injury-related accident, who are they going to call?

Law firms who implement “repeaters” (i.e. 800-444-4040) or “hybrid” numbers (800-885-HURT or 800-424-PAIN) find that these generate high responses, particularly those aired over TV commercials or radio. In fact, studies have shown that firms who use hybrid numbers such as 800-28-LEGAL can deliver 25%–69% more inbound leads. The easier the memorable number, the more likely new clients will call.

Get on the Right Track.

It’s important for law firms to track their calls across multiple media channels. This allows firms to see the area where they are driving the most business as well as analyze how to appropriately market to that particular audience.

Make it Easier.

It’s no secret that firms who use memorable toll free numbers build credibility. However, the biggest mistakes firms make is that they don’t use memorable toll free numbers in their advertising.

As mentioned above, since many firms in the legal industry rely mainly on TV and radio to broadcast advertising messages, providing a memorable toll free number can easily be recalled by any audience. Doing this will make it easier for clients to contact you.

Dial800 has many services and software that allows easier access to clients, increased manageability with phone calls, and more streamlined marketing tactics. Contact Dial800 today to find out how a memorable toll free number can make a positive impact.

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