Optimize Your Campaign Tracking with Customizable Tags

Improve your Direct Response campaign analytics & ROI

Better Reporting and Attribution

Enhance your direct response campaigns with the best call tracking data from Dial800! With multiple ways you can collect and analyze your data, including many ways to customize it, you can easily get the information you need to measure campaign success.

Direct Response clients with Dial800 already know and love the automatic tracking available with CallView360® for all inbound and outbound calls – but if you want to truly understand the new leads and calls driven by your marketing, you should also set up a variety of tags to optimized tracking and campaign attribution.

Understanding Your Tag Options in CallView360

Tags help you collect additional tracking data on top of the information CallView360 gathers. This can help attribute highly detailed call, lead, and conversion data to your campaign for reporting and analytics. Tags are popular with our agency and direct response customers because they can customize the tags for each campaign, easily setting up new ones when a new campaign is launched.

What are tags, exactly?

  • DNIS Tags – These add information about the caller based on the number they have called (if using bulk tracking numbers, each number is pre-tagged with matching TV spot, channel, time of day, and other data points determined)
  • Target Tags – These are the opposite of DNIS Tags, in that they track the phone number the caller dials at your company (their target) – whether it’s to your office or call center(s), each destination is attached to your call records
  • Routing Tags – These tags track any routing decisions the caller makes, including the menu options they select and the data they enter when prompted
  • Voice Tags – Part of Dial800’s AI analytics, voice tags use speech analytics to automatically detect keywords and phrases you want to track
  • Web Tags – These unique tags give you more flexibility in what digital marketing data you track & collect

Web tags are further broken down into four types, depending on what you want to do. They are most often used to tag referral source, affiliates, customer landing page and exit page, and more.

Your web tag options are:

  • Automatic Web Tags – Tracks 5 digital data points – Source, Type of Traffic, Host Name, Landing Page, and Exit Page
  • PPC ValueTrack Parameter Tags – Collects your PPC campaign data including, but not limited to, keyword and adgroup
  • UTM Parameters – Collects the 5 most common marketing data points
  • Custom URL Parameters – Allows you to create custom parameters to capture any other data you’re not seeing with the other tags

Setting Up Your Tags

You can see a detailed breakdown of each tag type in this Knowledge Base article to learn more.

When you are ready to set up your tags, follow the steps outlined in this article – our step-by-step guides will walk you through the entire process, which you can repeat to set up as many tags as you need.

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