A/B Split Test: Memorable 800 Number vs. Non Memorable

Memorable 800 Number vs. Non Memorable


How would you like to see your short-form direct marketing results potentially increase by as much as 40, 50, 60 percent or more? The key may very well lie in something as simple as the quality of the toll free number you are using to drive inbound calls. That’s right – not all toll-free numbers are created equal.  Repeater numbers that employ repetitive digits are easy for consumers to remember and can increase your inbound call volume and resulting sales by such significant margins.

 In a head-to-head television test for a product in the health and fitness category, the memorable toll free number 1-800-940-0000 ran against the randomized number 1-800-850-6457.  The memorable number delivered staggeringly better results including:

  • A 69 percent increase in overall call volume.
  • A 68 percent increase in total gross revenue.
  • And, after declines, holds and cancellations, a 63 percent increase in net sales.

The reason for the difference is relatively easy to explain.  As New Yorker journalist Malcolm Gladwell writes in his latest bestseller Outliers, human beings store numbers in a memory loop that lasts about two seconds.  Hence, you can appreciate what an advantage it is to have a number such as 1-800-940-0000 that is so much easier for a consumer to recall – particularly in a short-form spot – than a randomly sequenced number.


It all sounds simple enough, but invites the question: Just how do you get the good numbers?  The answer is RapidRecall, the largest bank of numerically memorable 800 prefix toll free numbers available anywhere exclusively through Dial800.  For mere pennies on the dollar, marketers can now realize such exponential gains in their campaign results.  To learn more, click here to fill out a brief request form and an optimization specialist from Dial 800 will contact you shortly.


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