Lead Generation for Inbound Call Leads – How Leads Marketplace works

Lead Generation for Inbound Call Leads

In an environment in which multiple brands compete for the same customers, it’s more important than ever to establish a strong methodology for producing sales leads.

Some of the most effective lead-generation strategies today combine multiple methods, finding key customers through their channels of choice, then using messages geared toward their specific circumstances and pain points. These days, 65 percent of marketers use two or more media channels in their campaigns, while 44 percent use three or more, reports the Direct Marketing Association. That’s partly because 98 percent of Americans now switch devices in a given day, while 90 percent expect consistent interactions across channels.

Because of all the hype about digital marketing these days, some companies may mistakenly leave inbound call marketing out of the lead-generation mix. Due partly to the smartphone craze, however, the phone is once again a key element in marketing schemes involving well-targeted ads encouraging viewers to immediately respond by calling — or clicking a call button, in the case of mobile. The calls can be immediately answered by trained calling center staff who are ready to answer questions and objections to close sales. In fact, studies show such calls are ultimately worth five to 10 times the revenue of a completed web form.

Further, an agile new solution also allows you to either buy or sell the leads you generate as a kind of currency. The new Dial800 offering Leads Marketplace can transparently offer clients real-time leads that match their needs, allowing growing businesses an efficient way of generating new clients and enhancing connections. Others, conversely, can recapture value by offering up the leads they can’t use.

Some other tips for driving leads from multiple sources:

  • Zero in on your customer base: A plethora of analytics tools can help you identify your audience preferences based on their demographics, shopping behavior, buying histories and other factors. That data will help you identify which channels, ads and campaigns are likely to produce more leads.
  • Encourage customer referrals: Constantly remind clients that their referrals are highly valued. Discounts and other perks can go a long way toward encouraging them to send friends, family and co-workers your way.
  • Optimize SEO and SEM: The more closely your keywords relate to your brand and products, the more effectively search engines will work in your favor.
  • Cross-promote your campaigns: Encourage social media visitors to check out your website, website visitors to sign up for email newsletters, email readers to call you, etc.
  • Cross-promote with other businesses: Create marketing partnerships with companies that complement yours, then trade leads.
  • Embrace content marketing: Create or purchase informative or entertaining content for your website that attracts potential customers and helps earn their trust.
  • Optimize web forms: Simplify the forms on your website through which readers can request info or a phone call, perhaps offering an e-book, freebie or something else of value for senders. Ask the customer to briefly describe his greatest business challenge to give you a heads-up in overcoming it.
  • Continually re-evaluate: Use all the metrics at your disposal to rate the ROI of your various lead-generation campaigns so you can withdraw and increase funding accordingly.

Dial800 offers a fee-free way to buy and sell inbound call leads via Leads Marketplace.  View more information about this proven methodology for driving quality leads to your business, or call us today at 1-800-700-1987.