Optimize Your Summer Marketing Campaigns with Better Call Tracking

Tracking Your Summer Marketing Campaigns with Dial800

Summer is almost here, the weather is heating up – and so are our client marketing campaigns!

Before you jump into a busy schedule of campaigns and promotions for the summer season, make sure to review your Dial800 account to optimize your call tracking and analytics settings. This helps you gather essential customer information and ROI data for end-of-summer campaign reporting on the success of your campaigns.

Our team recommends reviewing these key features before you launch that summer sale deal:

Capitalize on Digital Marketing Attribution

Your summer marketing campaigns may include multiple types of targeted and paid ads, landing pages, social posts, commercials, online videos, and more – for the best reporting metrics, you need to easily track traffic to each ad type and measure the number of calls and conversions each one drives.

Dial800 has several ways you can track and attribute traffic to each type of ad:

  • Built-in call tracking for every number, gathering 100s of data points
  • Bulk tracking numbers, so you can dedicate a group of specific tracking numbers to each ad
  • Integration with your other marketing programs including Google Analytics and Salesforce, for comprehensive customer data
  • Tags for tracking caller marketing channels, referral sources, landing page and website activity, and more

Learn more about measuring your campaign performance with digital marketing attribution.

Use DNI for Better Call Tracking

One easy way to make sure those tracking numbers show up in every ad and landing page? Using Dial800’s Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) script.

When you add the DNI script to your website (this article walks you through the process), tracking numbers are dynamically placed on your landing pages and into your ads. When collecting information on the calls to these special number types, you get important data including:

  • Channel source such as organic, PPC, social media, direct & more
  • Campaign name, ad group, and keyword
  • PPC source or lead source
  • Website landing page & exit page

Learn more about using DNI tracking numbers for better campaign management.

Automatically Analyze with Powerful AI Analytics

Once you’ve gathered all the caller information, Dial800 can also help you analyze and use the data with our built-in AI Analytics.

Using a range of tools to analyze call data, customer behavior information, call recordings and more, AI analytics help you:

  • Save time with automated analytics and reporting, accessed through your Dial800 dashboard or emailed directly to you
  • Monitor campaign activity in real time to see all calls coming into your tracking numbers
  • Track keywords and tag call recordings or transcriptions for further review
  • And much more

Learn more about your AI analytics options including keyword tagging, call scoring, call quality tracking, and more.

Want more help getting your summer marketing campaigns set up in Dial800? Contact our expert team today!