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20 Phone Call Tracking Data Points to Help You Make Better Marketing Decisions

20 Phone Call Tracking Data Points to Help You Make Better Marketing Decisions

Dial800 offers hundreds of data points with Call Tracking and Voice Analytics.  Recently, Director of Business Development, Chaz Garrity, met with one of Dial800’s agency partners, The DSM Group to discuss the importance of call tracking in marketing today.  Chaz and DSM’s Director of Strategy, Dan Enrico, recorded the video interview, covering points of ‘Why you need to be using call tracking for your business’.

We’ve split that interview into a series of video snippets, with this first highlighting just how much data can be found in each call made to a business.  To expand upon the video, here is a quick list of 20 marketing analytics data points that clients are using to make better decisions on their advertising and marketing campaigns.


20 Phone Call Tracking Data Points:

  1. Activate Voice Tagging AI to pick up on keywords spoken during the call.
  2. Specify call volume threshold alerts and deliver through text or email. 
  3. Routing tags to identify in the call flow when calls drop off. 
  4. Call sentiment scoring to see which employee or agents are .performing the best.
  5. Customize reporting dashboards to collect campaign data, then produce instant calculations of cost per call, cost per lead, and ROI.
  6. Real-time campaign performance metrics.
  7. Compare call count from inbound calls by cell phones vs landlines.
  8. Compare keyword searched on Google by calls.
  9. Consolidate data uniformly into a single reports.
  10. Measure unique vs. gross call volumes.
  11. Use the RoundTrip® API to return closed revenue from call center conversions.
  12. Measure incomplete vs complete call percentages to know if calls are dropping.
  13. Use caller demographics like city/state to know your best response locations.
  14. Use agent queue and target metrics to track total calls, average duration, and hold times.
  15. Report on call outcomes (sale made, quote given, appointment made, etc.).
  16. Learn caller demographic data including name, age, income level.
  17. Implement DNI, dynamic number tracking to identify which PPC campaigns deliver the most calls.
  18. Track call volume from each social media profile, landing page, special ad or promotion.
  19. Report on both offline and online advertising performance.
  20. Efficiently track total ROI on all marketing efforts.

We want to help businesses make better marketing decisions, if your company is looking to improve its campaigns and increase ROI, Dial800 is here to help. Choose the right call tracking plan for your business today.

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