Industry Spotlight: Health Insurance

How to handle annual healthcare open enrollment marketing & increased inbound call volume

Health Insurance Open Enrollment Planning and Marketing

Fall is in the air and the holiday season is quickly approaching – and that means open enrollment is also here for our health insurance clients!

This annual time when people sign up for or change their health insurance and Medicare packages for the upcoming year is incredibly important – over 61 million Americans receive Medicare and may have questions about their plans and options. Plan ahead for how you will reach your current clients and new prospects. Call tracking, analytics, and flexible call routing software can make the difference in answering all these calls and getting important information to customers on a tight annual enrollment deadline.

Planning Ahead for Open Enrollment Marketing

There is a great deal of important information your customers need during open enrollment season, from benefit brochures to application forms. Make it easy to find key information and understand options by planning and rolling out your marketing campaigns:

  • Optimize Your Website – Your website is a primary resource for insurance shoppers to learn more about their options, so make sure it is well designed, has clear navigation to the most important sections, and can help direct questions to the right departments
  • Get Active on Social Sites – In addition to your website, social media sites are extremely important for spreading information and answering customer questions, so make sure your profiles are updated and actively managed
  • Take Advantage of Increased Traffic with SEO – Increased traffic will make your keywords more valuable as people search key terms and phrases around insurance, so make sure your website is designed to draw this traffic
  • Make it Easy to Contact You – Whether it’s printed on brochures and forms, a Contact Us page on your website, or tracking phone numbers placed in ads, make it as easy as possible for people to find your contact information so they can come to you
  • Promote to Current Clients – New leads and referrals are essential to growing your business, but you also need to keep existing clients so make sure you have a streamlined process for sharing this year’s updates and changes through email, phone calls, brochures, and other printed materials

Tips for Handling Increased Call Volume

Open enrollment season also means a sudden influx of inbound calls – everyone will want updates on what policies have changed and what their options are for new coverage.

How you handle this increase in call volume will have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Streamline your phone system with these tips:

  • Adjust Your Call Routing – With Dial800’s AccuRoute® software you can update your call routing at any time to accommodate new extensions for seasonal call center workers, extended phone coverage hours, and update queue settings
  • Track Calls & Set Up Alerts – Stay on top of queue wait times & increased call volumes by tracking all your inbound calls, so your team is never surprised by the increases
  • Review Customer Sentiment & Other Analytics Data – With more calls also comes more possibilities for customer complaints, and analytics tools like Sentiment Rating and Call Scoring create a quick way of monitoring customer interactions
  • Keep Your Phone System Agile – Upgrading your phone system to a cloud-based option like BizCloud® helps you quickly & easily add new numbers, remotely connect from other offices, and more
  • Add More Toll Free or DNI Numbers – With increased call volumes might come the need for more phone numbers, and Dial800’s large selection of toll free, local, vanity, and tracking numbers can be used to better direct and track calls

See the full details on How to Handle Higher Call Volumes During Your Busy Season.

Approaching Healthcare & Medicare Open Enrollment with Confidence

Once your marketing campaigns are set up and your phone system is updated, you are ready to handle the open enrollment busy season!

Dial800 has extensive experience working with healthcare and health insurance clients. From phone numbers and call routing to call center integration, our experts are here to help. If you have any questions about optimizing your business phone system or how to change your number settings, contact the Dial800 team today.