How Do You Take Calls with a Cloud-Based Phone System?

What types of phones work with cloud-based VoIP business phone systems?

Thinking about taking your business to the cloud with a modern phone system? There’s many advantages to this (Easy remote access! Built-in call tracking and analytics!), but one aspect to consider is how your employees will access the new system. Do they need large office phones, or is there a more streamlined approach you can use?

Office Phones

VoIP (Voice over IP) phone systems use the Internet to send and receive calls instead of traditional phone lines – but you can still use a desktop office phone with these systems! Desk phones are extremely easy to use, making them the default choice in many offices.

Dial800’s BizCloud VoIP phone system is compatible with multiple office phones designed for a variety of needs. Choose from these options when setting up your new BizCloud VoIP phone system:

  • Standard Yealink SIP-T42S phone, designed for entry-level use with 12 lines and a graphical LCD display
  • Bluetooth-enabled Healink SIP-T46S with a larger color LCD screen
  • High-volume Yealink SIP-T48S with a large color touchscreen for easier, faster use
  • Yealink CP960 conference room phone for meetings up to 20 people


TALK SoftphoneA softphone is a piece of software or a web application that allows users to send and receive calls through the Internet, turning any desktop computer or smartphone into a telecommunications hub.

Unlike most physical phone systems, softphones can be easily integrated with unified communication solutions that many businesses rely on, such as call tracking and recording, video conferencing, dynamic call routing, and data analytics. Instead of taking calls through a physical desk phone (which has a narrow range of uses), companies are able to directly integrate their psoftphone system into their employees’ workstations to create a more streamlined workflow.

The features of softphone apps will vary greatly, depending on your needs and your budget. Some programs are downloaded and run on your computer, while others (like our BizCloud® TALK softphone) are browser-based and require you to go to a website page to log in. Many softphone users have a headset or external mic and headphones for better audio quality.

Why are softphones such a popular part of cloud-based phone systems?

  • Data analytics: One of the primary advantages of softphones is the ease of integrating data collection and analysis tools, which often help companies evaluate their internal processes and resolve costly inefficiencies. VoIP calls can be closely monitored using a centralized information aggregating platform, providing managers with valuable call metrics that can guide ongoing improvements.
  • Scalability: Expanding traditional phone systems usually requires a good deal of strategic planning and operational downtime, not to mention the high cost of purchasing new desktop hardware. Softphone platforms are specifically designed to be scalable and non-disruptive, and can be quickly downloaded and installed with a simple click of a button.
  • Cost savings: Switching to IP phones can mitigate many of the overhead expenses associated with physical phone systems, including long distance call rates, hardware testing and maintenance projects. Many of the dynamic capabilities that make softphones so appealing can be added or removed at no additional cost. Investing in a cloud-based VoIP network can also eliminate the need for in-house data storage equipment.

Softphones are a great compliment to desktop phones as well, because they can be used on laptops or phones when you’re out of the office and need to log in.

Call Forwarding

If you don’t want a desktop phone or a softphone, you can also forward calls to your Dial800 number directly to your cell phone.

A common solution for small businesses with only a few employees, or for phone coverage after hours, you can change your call routing any time with Dial800 AccuRoute®.

Video Calls & Conferences

bizcloud-meet-iconIn addition to normal calls between employees and customers, you make need to make video calls or set up conferences and screen shares sometimes. These programs, run on your computers like the softphone options, are easy to use and set up.

For Dial800 clients, our new BizCloud® MEET tool is an affordable account add-on that keeps all your phone calls and video calls within the Dial800 services.

Easily Connect to Your Phone System from Anywhere with BizCloud®

Whichever types of phones you choose for your business, Dial800’s BizCloud® phone systems are here to help you connect.