Introducing BizCloud Business Phone Services!

BIzCloud - Business Phone Services

With the recent introduction of our new branding and website, Dial800 has also unveiled BizCloud®, a new set of professional business phone services for easy and secure cloud-based communications.

Designed to work right inside Dial800’s bank of toll free phone numbers, call tracking software, AI analytics, and customizable call routing platform, these BizCloud® services provide more flexibility and control over how your phone system work.

What is BizCloud®?

Available as bundled services and stand-alone tools, the new BizCloud® offerings include:

Adding Flexibility and Control with BizCloud®

Using cloud-based phone solutions and browser-based softphone and video conferencing, the new BizCloud® tools make it easy to stay connected to the office even when employees aren’t in the office. Whether it’s a quick check in while traveling, permanent or part time remote workers, or after-hours phone management, you can now quickly and easily take phone calls, make phone calls, and message your teams wherever they are.

And with BizCloud® you can easilyi track every call, inbound and outbound! Calls made through BizCloud® VoIP phone systems and BizCloud® TALK softphone are automatically tracked with CallView360® to provide hundreds of call tracking and analytics data points, essential insights into customer behaviors, attribution for new leads and sale, customized reports, and much more.

Four Steps to Getting Started with Your New BizCloud® System

1: Choose

Choose the best BizCloud® plan for your business – see plan details here.

2: Meet

Meet with your new BizCloud® onboarding team to discuss your needs.

3: Set Up

Working with your onboarding team, set up your call flows and team extensions.

4: Launch

Test and launch your new BizCloud® phone system!

From the phone system to the call analytics, Dial800 BizCloud® helps businesses make every conversation count.