Snowball effect: 13 ways to get social media posts rolling

Increase Social Media Posts

So you’ve launched a sound social media campaign, and now you’re seeking more traction in terms of the number of people viewing your content.

Going the extra mile to make your posts both compelling and easy to share can be crucial if you want your campaign to work at full capacity. And while some techniques for boosting social media sharing require knowledge about SEO, others are based on common marketing principles.

And after the business shifts in the last year to a more online model, more businesses than ever are competing for consumer’s attention online.

“Your fans are people, and people like to be entertained,” explains Diana Adams on “They want you to show your personality, and they want to know you’re real. Each time someone likes, comments or shares that engaging content, they send a signal to Facebook they want to see more of our content — and this helps us get seen more in the news feed.”

Getting the Most From Social Media Marketing

Consider how these 13 tips might get you more exposure in return for the time and energy you put into your social media posts.

  1. When it comes to content, alternate copy and images you generate yourself with curated info you find or solicit elsewhere; be sure to incorporate links and clearly attribute other sources to improve your SEO.
  2. Post video that entertains, informs and/or shares info with your audiences, keeping it within 30-second to 2-minute intervals. Already, viewers watch 100 million hours of video on Facebook daily, while 82 percent of Twitter users say they’ve viewed videos. Consumers watch an average of 16 hours of online videos each week, a 52% increase over the last two years – meet your customers where they are already spending their time.
  3. Strategize the timing of your posts to maximize views. Consider splitting your timing evenly between the Eastern Time Zone and the Central Time Zone, which collectively cover 80 percent of the U.S. population.
  4. Study up on the optimal frequency of posts based on social media venue. Adams points to one company that grew its Facebook organic reach by 65 percent after boosting frequency 29 percent.
  5. Encourage immediate responses to your calls to action via easy-to-remember phone numbers or use click-to-call buttons that visually jump out from the page. If you need a business phone number, Dial800 is here to help!
  6. Tag those who may be especially interested in your posts including fans, friends, influencers and people specifically mentioned in your content.
  7. Prioritize clear, compelling, relevant photos and other visuals designed to appeal to the 65 percent of us who are visual learners.
  8. Cross-promote your social media sites using your emails, website and print marketing. Save time by repurposing promotional emails into social media posts and vice versa.
  9. Make sure your messages and visuals can scale and download quickly on every kind of device.
  10. Offer exclusive discounts, promotions, discounts and info on special sales that are of high value to viewers.
  11. Share valuable tips relevant to your audience, perhaps helping viewers solve problems.
  12. Frequently interact with your audiences, responding regularly to comments, questions, complaints and kudos. That helps position your brand as one that can be trusted.
  13. Strive to create emotion with both your content and your headlines.

Tracking Your Social Media Success

Finally, take steps to track which of your posts and tweets are performing best and aim to produce more that are similar. Free tools such as Facebook Insights and Google Analytics can help. “Be agile and quick to change your strategy as needed,” Adams recommends. “The content that worked well last week might fall flat this week.”

If you want more data, Dial800 integrations can share data to track clicks and calls from your PPC ads and social media campaigns with our powerful CallView360® tracking. When combined with the 100s of data points Dial800 has for every call you get from these ads, you can better evaluate the campaign ROI and focus your marketing efforts on which ads perform best.

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