This article explains the settings and reasons for applying constraints to a target in AccuRoute®. Applying constraints to targets will determine whether specific targets are eligible to receive calls.

Agent Availability

Agent Availability will make an HTTP POST request at the start of every call to a customer’s API endpoint and request the availability of agents at this target.

If the response received indicates that an agent is available, the target will be eligible to receive the inbound call. If the response is that there are no agents available or no response is received within the specified time listed in the Request Timeout, the target will be disqualified from receiving a call.

Hours of Availability

Hours of Availability allows users to program the time during each day of the week when a target is available to receive calls. If this constraint is enabled, the target will be eligible to receive calls only during the times specified and will be disqualified from receiving calls outside of the preset times.

Max Thresholds

Max Threshold constraint allows users to limit the number of calls delivered to a target in two ways:

  • Maximum Calls allows users to limit the number of calls sent to a target on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; the counters may be reset on specified days and the constraints may be programmed to be applied on specific days of the week
  • Maximum Concurrent Calls allows users to limit the number of concurrent calls sent to the target

Region Blocking

Region Blocking allows users to limit the regions from which a target may receive calls. Restrictions may be set based on specific states, Canadian provinces, Islands, US Territories, or toll-free number prefixes.

Please Note: It is important when applying ring to constraints to a target, that you also set up an alternate target with no restrictions. This target should be included in the routing profile either as part of a group, or within the routing profile properties, as a Busy/No Answer or Final Attempt number so that calls connect to an agent.

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